Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Personal Care Home/Residential Care Facility

    Do you need home care service for your loved one? Have you thought about personal home care service?

   An Adult Residential Care Home/Facility provides room, board and personal services, for compensation, to two but not more than eight residents, which varies by State, in a congregate living and dining setting and is in a home that is designed as any other private dwelling in the neighborhood. In other words it is a residential house rather than an institutional building.

   The housing arrangements are chosen voluntarily by the resident, the resident's guardian, or other responsible person. Most of the residents are 60 years of age or older needing varying levels of care and supervision. These are provided as agreed to during the admission process or as determined necessary at subsequent times of reappraisal.

   The client to caregiver ratio is generally small, so more closer attention compared to a large facility, such as a nursing home or a large assisted living facility.

   If you're requiring such service in the Memorial Dr/ S. Kirkwood Dr area of Houston, TX 77077 please contact me via email

Thankyou, Ronald Porcke-Wms